Grand Prix of Scotland 2023 - Initial Report

Date: August 26, 2023
Location: TableTop Scotland, Dewars Centre, Perth, Scotland
Event Organiser: Terry Brown


The Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland, held at TableTop Scotland, was a highly anticipated event that brought together crokinole enthusiasts from across the region. The tournament was the first Crokinole UK Tour Event of the season and highlighted a spirit of philanthropy as it supported the charitable organisation, Scottish Autism.

This initial report aims to provide a brief overview of the key highlights and results from the event.

Tournament Highlights

Top 3: 
1st Place: Árpád Lonsták
2nd Place: Steve Burrows
3rd Place: Mark Thurling

In a competitive and exciting field, Árpád Lonsták emerged as the winner of the first Crokinole UK Tour event of the 2023 season. A full report on the tournament will follow in the coming days. 

Top Sniper Award: One of the most prestigious honours of the event, the Top Sniper award, was claimed by Steve Burrows. Steve’s impressive precision and accuracy throughout the tournament earned him this esteemed accolade.

Top Rookie: Cerys Sullivan emerged as the Top Rookie, demonstrating remarkable skills and potential in the world of crokinole. Her performance was commendable, and she undoubtedly left a lasting impression.

Charitable Contributions: The Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland not only celebrated the sport but also upheld a spirit of giving back to the community. A total of two jackpots were won during the event. The remaining sum of £85 was generously donated to Scottish Autism.

New Crokinole Scotland Board: Michael Robinson secured the coveted new Crokinole Scotland board as part of the event’s offerings. However, given his travel constraints (flying back to Belfast), Michael decided not to take it home. In a heartwarming turn of events, Neil McGregor stepped in and purchased the board for £100. This entire amount was then also donated to the charity, further emphasising the altruistic spirit promoted at the event.


The Crokinole Grand Prix of Scotland was an event filled with memorable moments and remarkable displays of crokinole skill. Moreover, the charitable aspect of the event was truly commendable. With jackpots won and the proceeds from the sale of the new Crokinole Scotland board, a significant contribution of £185 was made to Scottish Autism, demonstrating the community’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the tournament.

As the Tour progresses, we look forward to further exciting matches and stories. Stay tuned for more detailed updates and a comprehensive tournament report in the coming days.

Report by: Ryan Anthony