At Crokinole UK, we believe in reinvesting our profits to foster growth, innovation, and community engagement. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, this policy outlines how we allocate our profits to support various initiatives and activities that align with our values and objectives.

Profit Allocation

  1. Trophies and Prizes for Events: A portion of our profits is allocated towards funding trophies, prizes, and rewards for events hosted or sponsored by Crokinole UK. These incentives help motivate participants, recognise achievements, and enhance the overall experience for our community members.
  2. Website/Admin/Printing Costs for Promo: We allocate funds to cover the ongoing expenses associated with maintaining our website, administrative tasks, and printing promotional materials. This includes website hosting fees, software subscriptions, marketing collateral, and other promotional expenses aimed at enhancing our online presence and brand visibility.
  3. Event Space Hire (Offset of Costs): To facilitate events and gatherings, we allocate funds to cover the costs associated with hiring event spaces. By offsetting these expenses, we aim to create accessible and engaging opportunities for our community to come together, network, and participate in various activities.
  4. Future Resources for Crokinole UK (Boards, Accessories for Events): As part of our commitment to supporting Crokinole UK and promoting the growth of the game, we allocate funds to procure resources such as boards, accessories, and equipment for events and tournaments. These investments help enhance the quality of gameplay, attract participants, and elevate the overall experience for enthusiasts of the game.

Decision-Making Process

The allocation of profits across these categories is determined through a collaborative decision-making process involving the current Crokinole UK operating committee. We prioritise initiatives that align with our objectives, ensuring that our investments have a meaningful and positive impact on our community and stakeholders.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our profit allocation strategies to assess their impact and identify areas for improvement.


At Crokinole UK, we are committed to leveraging our profits to support initiatives that contribute to the growth, sustainability, and success of Crokinole in the UK. By reinvesting in trophies, event promotions, venue hire, and resources for Crokinole UK, we aim to create value, encourage participation, and make a positive difference in the wider community.